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  • Training Tool Production Process

    Follow the process here. This is a new page and I will update and improve it as time allows. Feel free to contact me at any time (505) 900-4803 I thank you for your patience. There has been an increase in the number of orders over the last couple of months and I want to be able to update everyone on the situation during the Virus lockdown. BowlU is moving into a training and research center, which will help with our production capabilities but since the virus lockdown I can not move into the shop. I am fortunate to have the BowlU motorhome which I have converted into a temporary production facility. Everything is going well but our production capabilities will be slower. I have decided to use this page to update everyone on their order and production process. 

    • Each days progress is highlighted here.

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    • These are the orders that have been placed (updated every evening)

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    • This tools have been poured. When distinct colors are used it requires a minimum of 5 hours curing time between pouring colors. De-molding time is 16 hours. I can cut that in half if the weather is good. When the weather is cold or rainy I cannot reduce the de-molding time. This can create an extended delay.

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    • Curing starts in the mold but continues after de-molding. The product will continue to cure for several weeks, but can be shipped after a couple days of curing. Climate makes a difference in the curing time but once out of the mold I can keep pouring. 

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    • Each training tool is trimmed with a belt sander and takes less than 5 minutes per tool. Trimming is done when the curing process is far enough along that the tool can be handled without worry of reshaping.

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    • At this point the training tool is ready to be shipped. During the Virus lockdown I have experienced long delays at UPS. This has been a huge log jam. I usually spend an average of 3 hours there waiting on service during the lockdown. I hope that UPS adapts their process to speed the process up. They are aware of the situation and the last time I was there they had more manpower to help with the process, lets hope this continues.

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    • I will post shipped product and the day it was shipped here. I will leave it for a period of time that I feel is adequate for delivery. If you see your name on this list and have not received your product please let me know as I have experienced an occasional shipping error beyond my control and I won't know it unless I am informed of a complication

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