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  • That will help you get started the right way


    • Everyone should experience BowlU's "Foundation Training" course at some time or another so make sure that you take that course but it may be "over your head" if you take it too soon. This will give you the Foundation Theory that will allow you to go any direction you choose. We have made the course available for 150 USD. This is a dramatic reduction in cost from the certification version costing 250 USD.
      • It would be wrong of me not to suggest you start with BowlU's Foundation Training course. But as a novice it will most likely be "over your head" right now. My suggestion for a novice would be BowlU's To Be Ready Academy option. We start off with drills you can do at home and you will see quick progress in how to create ball rotation so you have the ability to "hook it" when needed and that will get you started the right way.
        • You will know when it is time for that "Next Level" and that is always a combination of physical and non-physical training. Your best options would be "Clear the Deck" if you want to do it on your own or a couple months of the "Personalized Training" program so you have a clearer picture of where you are at and then we can get you on the right pathway.
          • At the "Advanced Level" I highly recommend you take BowlU's "Foundation Training" course. That is going to answer a lot of your questions very quickly. If you are wanting that personal touch we can certainly start with "Personal Training" for a couple months. For those that want to experiment with what BowlU can do for them the "Clear the Deck" option is a fun way to explore the options.

            • We experts always need to keep up with the latest trends right. Well I highly suggest you start with the "Foundation Training" course and then decide where to go from there. With your experience level you are going to uncover a "Pot of Gold" in the Foundation Training course.