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    • The main purpose for the BowlU Library is an anywhere anytime resource for BowlU Team members. In all my years of travel I have kept all of my plans, projects, thoughts, and creativity on a website that gave me the resources I needed to organize everything on the go. I started with one site that ballooned into 4. The reason I manage 4 sites is the dedicated purpose of each.

      • One site to be the introduction to BowlU. It needs to be easy to understand and navigate. That would be impossible to do with the random thoughts and ideas I was recording throughout all those years. When I started BowlU’s first website it was for me not others. When I started giving access to others I found out that it was way too much and confusing for others. I wasn't willing to give up what I needed, so I added a second and dedicated to simplicity and ease of navigation. Please let me know how I am doing with that.
      • One site that allows me to showcase and manage BowlU product. This site has become increasingly popular and necessary as the popularity of BowlU product increases. Now that I am increasing production, I have to travel less, this makes the product and site initiatives even more important. 2020 is the year all of BowlU initiatives will be showcased and that requires a stationary location. After 30 plus years of traveling I have a new challenge and the products site is an important part of the BowlU support system. I hope you will share this site with all of your bowling friends 
      • One site that allows me to maintain all things BowlU. That site is this site,, I am sure this will become the most popular of all because this is where I will store all of the knowledge and experience used to create BowlU's growth and development initiatives. There is something for everyone on this site. We have open access to the introduction, and explanations for all things BowlU. At the same time we offer different levels of access within the BowlU Library site. We invite you to visit the open access pages of the library and if and when you find programs that spike your interest we encourage to experience the BowlU Revolution. It is proven knowledge and experience you can't get anywhere else in the world at any price. This is the site that will store all of the "Big Picture" initiatives for BowlU.
      • One site that lets me to adapt to current project needs. I need to keep the other 3 site design and content more consistent. This site is and is hosting one of the most creative and important initiatives to date. This is the interactive Competition and Training program. This will showcase how we can connect our sponsors to our sport, which is a critical factor for future growth and development. Let the growth begin

      • There are different levels of access within the Library, starting with open access. You will be able to access all of the pages within the primary menu at the top of the page. From there we have a wide range of protected access sections within the site. I tell the odd reality that many people will travel, pay a fee, and even take me out to dinner for an hour of two for one on one lessons. I understand how valuable that is, but for less than a Happy Meal they can get a month's worth of BowlU goodies. We highly encourage everyone and their friends (heck even their enemies) to join the Loyalty Deserves Loyalty program of BowlU. This is 5 bucks a month and is the initiative that BowlU has built their growth plans around. When membership reaches a certain number we will see expanded services:

        • at 1000 members we will open a sanctioned league competition and worldwide ranking system
        • at 2000 members we get Regional representation throughout the world
        • at 5000 members we get a worldwide competition and educational program that works with the icons of our sport to enhance growth throughout the world
        Doing the math you see that if .1% (not 1% I am talking .1%) of the bowlers to join the BowlU Nation success for the entire sport is guaranteed. 

        If a miracle happens and we get that 1% all of our dreams will be realized

        I hope you see the value in what BowlU is creating and ask that you help spread the word. We have the ability to change the sport by investing in BowlU knowledge and experience for less than what most would pay for a single one to one lesson.

        • When I started BowlU I knew there was no easy road and one of the most challenging aspects of BowlU growth has to be website management. I speak from 12 years of experience. By no means am I qualified as a website manager, but I do it out of necessity, managing a website and using social media is the best way to update the bowling world with BowlU initiatives. Knowing that, I hope you are willing to put up with some of my gaffes. 

          It doesn't mean I don't want to hear about those gaffes, because that is the best way for me to fix them.  Much of the content is written on the fly and who knows when I will have time to get back to it. Please, let me know what you think, I need your support and when the day comes that we can hire a professional I am all in.

          Please help me reach as much of the bowling world as possible by sharing what you like about BowlU and letting me know what I can do better.

          • For years and years many intelligent people have worked on opportunities and challenges within our industry only to find out that when they try to solve one problem they find that it creates another. This has gone on for so many years that it makes it impossible to identify what and where to start, and as soon as you start showing people how everything is connected they become overwhelmed and back down for several reasons. This is where it gets tricky. As soon as you start trying to work within the industry the restrictions can actually get worse. As much as I want to work within the industry it is virtually impossible to accomplish the Big Picture while working within the industry. The reason is financial responsibilities and the management tree. 

            There is nothing wrong with any of the major players of the industry we simply have an ineffective management structure. The "Big Picture" is missing some pieces. The intentions of the major players is good, but they come in conflict with their financial responsibilities. The last thing I want to do is blame an organization or individual, so let's bypass that and go straight to what an effective structure would look like.

            First we have to have a large recreational pool to draw from. These are people who participate because they simply want to enjoy some entertainment. We got that right? We see them in open play and we see them in leagues. We have so many of them that they will always be the majority and they need and organizational body that is the United States Bowling Congress (USBC).

            Second we need icons at the top of the sport. You may have heard me say "With out the stars the sky is empty" These icons of our sport (in the perfect business model) motivate and inspire every one beneath them. This group of icons will always be the minority but they are a very important part of the business model. Because they are so valuable to the business model they need management as well. Presently that organization is the  Professional Bowlers Association (PBA). We are also fortunate to have this piece of the puzzle in place as well.

            So we have both ends of the spectrum doing pretty good, of course both could be doing better but for the sake of this discussion I think it is fair to say we have those two aspects covered.

            Here is where the problems begin to present themselves. There is no obvious or effective structure in the middle and that is important because that is where the greatest industry growth potential is at. Here is another problem the (PBA) level of our sport looks too so much like the recreational level of our sport (USBC) how is the unknowledgeable viewer suppose to tell them apart? (Don't forget bowling is the only sport that is a battle with an invisible course that's in a constant state of flux.

            Furthermore if the USBC attempts to feel the gap in between the 2 extremes they eventually neglect the majority (recreational) and create financial conflicts since they are a membership driven organization. 

            We could spend pages, months and years debating the details of why and what could be done but the reality is simple the huge gap in the middle has no structure, pathway, or management team. 

            The Big Picture I have for BowlU is to help fill the gap with:

            • More alternative competition opportunities that will lead to changes of the competition format at the top end of our sport so it actually looks different, more exciting, and more athletic to the unknowledgeable viewer.
            • Development tiers that are obvious and definable 
            • Educational structure that is more effective. Without debating the issue, the history of our sport has proven that you don't have to throw the ball a certain way. We can do a much better job of encouraging participation, pride, and respect for the sport. We also need to educate what is so special and unique about our sport and the artistic greatness of those who excel in our sport.
            • We need to involve sponsorship throughout the industry. We have the numbers but we don't have the loyalty
            • We need to make team bowling a bigger part of the equation because it is more conducive to both the fans, the media, and the sponsors
            • We must attract the media more effectively and that is not going to happen unless we work on the Big Picture.
            •  We need to enhance the international aspect of our sport because the image of bowling outside of the US is better than inside of the US
            • There has been a push to get the sport into the Olympics but that it is pretty easy to see why it won't be successful when you have worked within an Olympic committee surrounded by those other sports. We are a bunch of wishful thinkers without a real plan.
            • The rules and regulations of the sport should be controlled by a governing body that is not financially responsible for the recreational level of our industry.
            • A stronger international organization should be established, and it should provide the tiers and support system our industry needs

            • World Bowling is the organization that should take the lead building Top/Down competition structure including teams of 3 and singles events for both male and female. They should be willing to develop a competition format focused on finding the best of the best as well as an entirely different competition format designed for developing countries. The conflict between trying to make the underdeveloped countries feel they have a change is less effective than actually helping them to get better. Serious research on the structure by a qualified committee needs to be formed avoiding federation politics.

              The PBA has its place but they have proven to be reluctant to take a lead with governing the rules and regulations of anything other than their own tournament

              The USBC needs to manage the lower tiers because it fits their financial responsibilities and internal structure.