Topic outline

  • Team BowlU

    Recognition for those who support BowlU goals and initiatives. These are the members who keep BowlU going. It would be impossible to continue our initiatives without their support. To show my appreciation I have created the Loyalty Deserves Loyalty program which allows BowlU Team members to access content based on the level of their support.  I am always looking for ways to show my gratitude and loyalty.  I started by using a Facebook group, only to find that there are a growing number of people who don’t like Facebook, so I am creating this resource. Be sure to check back often to see what’s new. 

    • Local Ambassadors

      Those who influence the location they are in. They are less active than others but that is OK. We want everyone to have opportunities whether they are reaching out to bigger markets or not. 

      • Regional Ambassadors

        Whether the individual reaches out by competing or sharing through social media they are appreciated at another level. BowlU can only grow through those who choose to promote our goals and initiatives and we want to coordinate our recognition of those efforts.

        • National Ambassadors

          At the national level individuals are receiving greater recognition and attention. This greater recognition and attention combined with their ability to promote our goals and initiatives deserves to be rewarded. The leaders at this level can be anywhere in the world but have chosen to limit their participation within their countries borders. 

          • World Ambassadors

            There are no boundaries or limitations for leaders in this category. When they choose to promote our goals and initiatives the world listens and responds. Of course not everyone chooses or desires to participate in promotional activity and we understand that. For those that do choose to participate, we want to say thank you by giving them the rewards they deserve

            • Loyalty Deserves Loyalty program

              Loyalty is a very important part of BowlU growth and mission. There simply isn't enough time in the day to answer all of the questions I get, so I have committed to returning loyalty to those who support BowlU's growth initiatives. I have set up communication resources for members of the BowlU Nation so we can share with each other. No disrespect to others but I know where my loyalty belongs and the Nation is where it will go.

              • Video Library program

                • Coach's Assistance Videos - Short video clips (targeting 2 minutes) to help coach's with training topics
                • Off the Cuff Videos - I spend a lot of time organizing my thoughts and there are some great video experiences that ought to be shared
                • Physical Game Videos - Random Physical Game videos
                • Non-Physical Game Videos - Random Non-Physical game videos
                • Skill Development Videos - Random Skill Development videos
                • Strategic Development Videos - Random Strategic Development videos
                • Foundation Theory Videos - Random Foundation Theory videos
                You won't get the structure, order, or explanation of a course but there is a lot of valuable videos to sort through.