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  • No limitations

    Recreation To Sport Bowling

    The Perfect Game 

    • The fun never stops
    • It's the purest challenge in the world
    • Set em up and knock em down
    • Do it your way 
    • Be creative 
    • Explore the challenges
    • Find the path that's right for you
    • It will make you laugh and make you cry
    • You are never to young and never too old ... it's the best there ever was
    • You can play it for fun
    • You can play it for sport
    • It's up to you we're just here to guide the way
    Recreation to Sport Bowling Association

    • Joining The R2SBA

      To join the Recreation To Sport Bowling Association simply register for BowlU Nation's Clear the Deck option (Click here) and we will get you started the BowlU way. This is an interactive competition and training format that allows you to participate using scores you obtain during league or open play. Based on your performance you will be directed to content specifically designed for your skill level. In addition to the competition and training opportunities we will:

      • Include you in our Worldwide Ranking System
      • Monitor your performances
      • Give you access to the R2SBA members site
      • A member identification card that includes you in another alternative competition opportunity.  Members will automatically be assigned to a roster as part of BowlU's International Team competition.  This competition is gearing up for its 2021 introduction. We will use the remainder of 2020 to organize rosters and present the details. The mission is to unite the international passion for our sport.  Many people don’t realize how different the culture of our sport can be around the world. One of greatest rewards of traveling to teach the sport of bowling is to experience the passion and culture and I hope to share that with as many people as possible. 

      • R2SBA Structure

        The structure starts with your participation and grows from there. When you register you will be assigned a member's identification number and appointed to one of BowlU's International Team rosters. These rosters will grow until we have enough teams to organize e-competition events. The competition will be in the "Open" division which allows you to bowl on any condition you prefer (with the continuous scoring format we want you to pick the environment and pattern you perform the best on). There are no limitations!

        • Future development will include competition tiers that we will encourage you to join when your "Key Performance Indicators" (KPI's) indicate you are ready for another level of competition. Every bowler is allowed to select the level of competition they choose. Naturally some levels are more challenging and restrictive than others.
        • With each performance you will be given access to a performance group found on the website. Within each performance group will be unique content based on your performance and sponsor choices. The sponsor choices will be opened up to sponsors during and after the month of May 2020. We will offer sponsor packages to sponsors who will select the performance category to put their sponsor packages in. When you gain access to a specific performance group you will also gain access to the sponsor packages within that group. This means that the sponsor may choose to put their package anywhere they choose. If the sponsor wants to put their package in a lower scoring group (because it will reach more potential customers) that is their prerogative. So think about that ... a lower performance score may be rewarded with greater value than a higher score ... there is only one way to find out. I think that is great motivation and opportunity to follow your own development pathway.
        • When a bowler is entered into a performance group they will stay in that performance group for 2 weeks and then be removed, allowing them to try again. Each attempt is only 5 USD (plus whatever your linage fee is). You may want to use your league scores, but you don't have to.
        • The content within the performance group is primarily focused on athlete development details and will expand as the sponsors start to see the value. What is awesome is that we now have a way to directly connect the individual bowler with our sponsors and the feedback we receive will help everyone. It is a win / win for all, and that is the perfect structure.
        • We will expand to have House / Local / Regional / National / International / Professional programs. This coordinates with BowlU's To Be Ready Academy development program 
        • Competition in the "Open" division will use BowlU's "Clear the Deck" competition format which focuses on bowling being a 2-Shot sport. So those that understand the difference between a 1-Shot and 2-Shot sport will appreciate this alternative competition format. Clear the Deck was designed by BowlU as a Key Performance Indicator for a bowling athlete. This was part of our goals to identify what it takes to reach the highest level of our sport. You can find out more about BowlU's Clear the Deck competition by visiting the site and or the Clear the Deck FaceBook group.
        • Your registration fee will give you your first 2 performance opportunities. Simply print the Clear the Deck scoresheet provided as a pdf file within the FaceBook group and on this page. Keep your score manually and then take a picture and send it to me at I will take care of it from there. Results will be calculated weekly and posted on the BowlU websites.
        • There will be a 10 USD annual Registration fee starting January of 2022 so getting started now gives you many more months of participation privileges.
        • Enjoy the experience and be sure to Contact Us with your thoughts and ideas

        • R2SBA Definitions

          This will become a glossary section for appropriate definitions. Right now we will start with the most important definition of all ... Ten Pin Bowling

          Many people don’t realize the importance of having a definition, but the debate that ensues will show how important it is. When there is an agreement and understanding, then and only then can we all be working on parallel pathways.  Here is BowlU’s definition for Ten Pin Bowling 

          “Tenpin bowling is a competitive sport which involves the objective of knocking down pins while navigating an invisible course with varying challenge levels and constant transition”

          • R2SBA Recognition

            Everything starts with simple and proper recognition. BowlU recognition will be categorized based on a bowlers Clear the Deck scores in the "Open" division. This will become BowlU's World Ranking system and then we will start to introduce more challenging competition environments. We will post the Ranking System on BowlU sites as we accumulate results.

            • R2SBA Competition Levels & Formats

              We will start with one division and that is the "Open" division that allows a bowler to compete on anything they choose. We recommend a bowler choose what they feel the most comfortable with. As we progress we will open up more challenging divisions which are based on entry angles associated with the dimensions of the lane. 

              • 17 - Design - Total Volume - Buff
              • 32 - Design - Total Volume - Buff
              • 39 - Design - Total Volume - Buff
              • 43 - Design - Total Volume - Buff
              • 46 - Design - Total Volume - Buff
              • 48 - Design - Total Volume - Buff
              When we get to the more challenging environments the competitions will be verified by certified R2SBA Directors. If you are interested in becoming a certified R2SBA Director please contact me at

              • R2SBA Rules & Regulations

                Rules and Regulations will be kept to a minimum to allow everyone to enjoy BowlU's alternative solutions. We will expand the rules governing:

                • The Object Of The Sport
                • The Presentation Of The Sport
                • The Environment Of The Sport
                • The Challenge Of The Sport
                • The Equipment Of The Sport 
                There will be tiers of competition that are based on an individuals purpose and attitude not skill level. We feel it is more important and valuable to coordinate the purpose of competition to insure there is less conflict with attitudes. By far the most important tier of competition is the level where participants are focused on enjoying the recreational aspects of our sport. We want to protect those that are participating for fun from those who are instinctually focused on more intense competition. When a person's competitive instincts get to another level we will offer levels that gradually increase a challenge that matches the individuals intensity level. You will find that the Rules & Regulations are designed for the purpose and intensity of the competition levels.
                • R2SBA Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

                  We included this as part of the R2SBA because our sport needs a system that identifies an athlete’s performance level  and potential. Traditional competition and formats do not allow this to happen. By using BowlU's Clear the Deck format we can identify a bowling athlete's performance potential more effectively. It is a simple and easy form of competition that aligns a bowler's potential more effectively. 

                  • A better bowler will have fewer open frames in a continuous scoring environment than a bowler at a lower skill level
                  • With traditional scoring, a limited number of frames, and a higher emphasis on the 1st ball it is very possible that a bowler at a lower skill level can record scores that would indicate that bowler is at a higher skill level than they really are. It is our goal to identify and protect all skill levels.
                  • The simplicity is key. 3 Open frames and your score is concluded.
                  • We will also be able to eliminate handicap by identifying skill levels that need mulligan's to compete instead of free pins. Most bowlers are willing to give a developing bowler a certain number of "do-overs". The bowler allowed a "Mulligan" can call Mulligan after their first shot, reset the full rack and try again. But they must accept the results of the Mulligan instead of giving them free pins that allows them to put up scores that others can not possibly reach.
                  • This is a format that challenges everyone and changes everything. Bowlers, Lane Men, Coaches, Tournament Organizers and even Proprietors will change their opinions on lane conditions
                  • The better performance will win a much greater percentage of time.
                  • It is important to note, we are not trying to replace what we have, we are simply adding alternative solutions that give more bowlers more opportunities. This format, and others were developed for training purposes. They worked and they were fun, so that is why we are sharing them with the bowling world.