Working together as a whole requires appropriate focus and opportunity at varying levels of purpose and attitude. To accomplish this we will organize different staff associations that coordinate with BowlU's development pathway from Recreation to Sport. We have developed key performance indicators (KPI's) that provide recognition for purpose and performance. We will use these KPI's and continued development opportunities to coordinate with BowlU's Worldwide Training & Competition.

Competition Staff is for On lane performance

  • Athlete
  • Competition Coach

Development Staff is for Off lane performance

  • Ambassador
  • Development Coach
  • Pro Shop Operator

Our Competition Staff will follow a pathway as follows:

  1. Level one is the Flat division with an advanced performance indicator at every 300 points of "Clear the Deck" performance (only verified scores will be accepted). Competition will be held at the following distance options:
    1. 18
    2. 32
    3. 39
    4. 43
  2. Subsequent levels will be based on ratio steps with an increase at each 2 points of ratio measurements. Since the "Flat" division is a 1:1 ration, Division 2 would be anything between flat and 3:1. There is be no applied buff and we will record performances for 3 distance categories. So a level 1 performance between 18-32 feet would be Division 1 Short. If they use anything from 32 to 43 feet it would be Division 1 Medium and anything greater than 43 feet would be Division 1 Long.
  3. Division 3 would be 5:1 ratio (side to side or front to back)
  4. Division 4 would be 7:1 ratio (side to side or front to back)
  5. Division 5 would be 9:1 ratio (side to side or front to back)
  6. Open division is the anything goes division. It does not matter what the ratios or lengths are. Scores will be accepted from any applied length and ratio of pattern. The Open division allows for freedom of choice for the competition environment. To progress to another level of competition there will be more restrictions of the competition environment.

Our Development Staff will follow a pathway as follows:

  1. Foundational Training provides 1 Star Certification
  2. Priority Training provides 2 Star Certification
  3. Majority Training provides 3 Star Certification
  4. Regional Training provides 4 Star Certification
  5. National Training provides 5 Star Certification
  6. International Training provides 6 Star Certification

Every individual accomplishment deserves proper recognition. This recognition will be provided as follows:

Athlete Performance Pyramid will be recognized by performances in a given competition environment. Appropriately recognized by Gold/Silver/Bronze recognition. Honor scores will be recognized with the color green.

  • Local 
  • Regional classification is given  if half of the field is outside of a days drive (minimum of 24 bowlers)
  • National classification is given if half of the field is outside of a 2 day drive (minimum of 24 bowlers)
  • International classification is given if half of the field had to fly to get there. (minimum of 24 bowlers)
  • Special consideration can be applied for. (it is up to the individual to prove classification)